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«Fortryllet skog» spisebrikke, damaskvevd i orange

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Le Jacquard Francaise, er kjent for sin fantastiske kvalitet, dukene veves i Frankrike, og har en lang historie. Her kommet «Forêt Enchantée», Fortryllet skog, natur og dyr i lekre grånyanser, med en geometrisk bord, gir sitt til å gi bordet et elegant og lekkert uttrykk både til hverdags og fest.

Str: 50*36cm

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«Fortryllet skog» spisebrikke, damaskvevd i orange

A dreamlike invitation to meet the animals of the forest, the trees and their majesty. A landscape as a source of escape or how to appreciate the poetry of the present moment. This magical story is told in «céleste» blue, the orange of «automne» leaves and «argent» gray, the color of mist. A geometric pattern on the border brings an elegant touch of modernity.

A 100% cotton tablecloth for magical and daring dinners. A precise and delicate jacquard weave thanks to combed cotton threads that won’t dull over time!

Our products are made of 100% long staple combed cotton to guarantee superior quality to our customers. The longest fibers produce a soft touch, perfectly smooth and resistant linen; the fineness of the combed yarns brings an incomparable brightness and precision to our designs.